Narcissus Desk

Narcissus Desk

Wooden desk with mirror top designed by Sebastian Errazuriz.

Narcissist Desk

Inspired by Caravaggio’s painting of Narcissus:

I was struck by the idea that someone could see their reflection and yet not be aware they were looking at themselves. I believe today we are becoming like Narcissus; so obsessed with our own perfectly edited online self that we forget to be aware of the real “me” outside the screen.

Narcissist Table

Restored and modified desk from 1880s allows the person to have a moment of reflection.

I love the way the user now enters right into the cut we created in the desk. His body is reflected like a queen of hearts on a playing card. Surrounded by your self; the viewer is suddenly, very aware of himself / herself.

Sebastian Errazuriz Narcissus Desk

The photographs we took of the girl sitting at The Narcissus Desk reminds me of “Noire et blanche” by Man Ray. He has always been a big influence; I’m sure the image of the girl next to the mask was wedged in my unconscious somewhere.

Narcissus Table