Tilted Furniture

Tilted Furniture

Tilted chairs and tables designed by XYZ Integrated Architecture.

XYZ Tilted Furniture

Gravity is essentially the kind of obstacle that cannot be circumvented, even on the moon. It is this extreme sense of gravity that the 60 series embodies.

XYZ Architecture

The support parts of the presented works slope at an angle of 60 to the horizontal surface – and this simple fact puts an end to the familiar mode of existence for tables and chairs.

Tilted Chair

We are tricked into believing that these artifacts are teetering on the brink of possibility, and the force of gravity will soon make them explode, collapse and fall apart.

Tilted Table

The 60 series is a rather peculiar sight. It is intended for the people who love challenges and adrenaline rushes – the people living in the fast lane.

XYZ Integrated Architecture